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  • Monday, August 07, 2006
    Hats off to Ernie
    Starburst Candies began a promotion about three months ago with a whole new ad campaign and I want to commend them for it. To this point, I feel the campaign is very effective, humorous, and it definitely breaks through the clutter. Now, they weren't necessarily promoting a specific new product but it was aimed at the candy line as a whole. It began with a commercial called "Ernie the Klepto" and followed with three more: "Friends", "Factory", and "Tashi". All four had different story lines and characters but amazingly, one would know immediately that they're Starburst ads.
    All of the ads are filmed with a slight grayscale cinematography, a hilarious 'Napoleon Dynamitesque' humor, and all had a storyline focus (in other words, they didn't pummel the viewer with the candy). The candy was obviously a focal point of the ad but had no direct verbiage about it - only the undertone of its demand. My favorite ad of the campaign was "Ernie" as it got great reviews across the board from all critics and a award from CLIO. Following that, I'd have to say that the "Factory" ad was a close second. They both drew quite a laughter over the utter stupidity of the characters and the bleak filming. The other two, Friends and Tashi, are both humorous as well but won't be recognized like the aforementioned.

    I have to say that up to this point for the year, Starburst's campaign is my favorite choice for humor. The audience enjoys the ads; they undoubtedly were reasonable in cost and Starburst as a whole is reaping the benefits.

    It just goes to show that ads don't necessarily need to reverberate the same message; all the ad needs to do is create a buzz.
    posted by Marketing Sensei @ 8:59 PM  
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